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New design NOW AVAILABLE! The NEW September 2015 design is now in stock and ready to use. Includes many new features and better fabric strength With better quality than ever before, your products are made to stand out!
Australian advertising Air Dancer:
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Australian Product Image Gallery and Client Use

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All you need is included. Melbourne & All Victoria Sydney & All NSW Brisbane & All Queensland and Australia Wide


Inflatable Characters by WavyAds®

Deliveries around Au everyday, you can buy direct from our factory.

You can also see all the cartoons used on this website here > Jumping Tube Men


Orange and Black Air dancer, the waving arms and body really do stand out for your outdoor advertising inflatables

Each balloon comes with all the parts you need for instant set up. There are no tools required to begin operation and display.

This is rated the highest favorite

The bobbling eyes really do grab your attention and the random flapping and gliding of the arms helps to keep your business store front right in focus. We never get negatives with this store front balloon style.

Using a combination of arm colors and bright fabrics, your new waving flailing ad man inflates through the torso and wind escapes out of the head and hands. This gives effortless motion and promotion.

Bright colors in a dark sky - inflatable balloons

Even in the dullest weather and dark skys, the bright colors we use are sure to stand apart. Our range of fabrics is carefully selected for 1. Tensile strength, 2. Color brightness and fade resistance and 3. Fly ability.

Get your advertising direct from our own factory in Australia. See how the panel heights help control the body movements. Our experience and design is part of the service. Buy your next skin from us and get more results.

Two outside advertising figures dancing, these inflatables are high attention seekers

Look at how these two inflatable tall boy's combine, you can place a second or third unit close to each other. Unmissable from the street or as road side signs. These guys are high attention seekers. Outdoor advertising at it's best. Notice how we add different arms to the body, it really helps your ads.

Laughing twins it is possible... click for larger image

Here the twins appear to be laughing. The big photo is here




Our Aussie team know how to help you. You can call anytime for assistance, we look forward to making your business busier.



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Read MoreMade to get attention: The extra bright colors make the shape really stand out. The hands, feet and centre sections of the body are all slightly different so that as the balloon sways and floats in the wind, the attractive colors also pick up the eye. Each inflatable cartoon balloon character we have has different colored face. The face color determines the code


We are very glad to bring to you a very high quality and importantly durability of product. We understand that if your business is displaying your products, you need to be seen as quality too. You can now buy online and receive discounts.

You can place your new inflatable character at the front of your store or shop and begin attracting new clients immediately. The blowing caricatures we supply really do grab your attention.

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Everything is included so you can begin immediately. Open the box and up you go! Call for any assistance.

September 2015
All sets include the blimp blowing body, an hi grade fan wind blower, safety mesh on both the blower top side and blower under side, a easy latch fitting panel, and bright halogen spot light for night use. Now also with NEW STRONGER, MORE DURABLE MATERIAL NEW You can open your parcel, plug it in and begin to advertise your business Products within minutes. Plus, we give you a full Warranty.

Promotion in motion, it's now very easy to be found. "If you are wanting a successful ad campaign for your clients, you need to buy these"